Richard Claymore

Samsaran Psychic Private Eye


Character sheet located at this link.

Part of Carrion Crown.


Samsarans are interesting. When they have a kid, the kid is a human. So as part of their culture, they have humans adopt the kid to raise. Once the kid dies for the first time, they reincarnate as a Samsaran. Usually the new Samsaran will then seek out the others of his kind.

Richard, in his first life, ended up doing something terrible by accident and died thinking the only way to redeem himself was through judgement in the afterlife. He woke up after dying younger, a Samsaran, and alive. He went through several lifetimes ridden with guilt until he found himself in Ustalav, wherein he found a method (a person, a spell, a ritual) that erased the memory of his terrible past. However, the next time he reincarnated, all he really knew was that he had lost his memory in Ustalav and made it his life quest to get his memory back. And the next life. And the next. And so on. His memory deteriorates further with each death, an unforeseen complication.

This life, Richard was reincarnated in Taldor. He worked his way to Ustalav, vague memories of his past lives leading him on. He met the good Professor Lorrimor early on in his travels, who used his knowledge to design a magical filing system for Richard to help keep his memories straight. It works through a series of runes each associated with either a past life or an emotion and helps him recall associated memories.

Richard Claymore

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