Chaos Unleashed

Dawn breaks over Briarstone

End of Module 1

With the death of Zandalus and his Oneirgons the yellow fog, a portal to the Dreamlands which had clung so fiercely to Briarstone burns away in the morning sun.

A single boat is all that remains tied to the docks.

Several hundred feet from the docks a second boat disappears away, a one armed doctor sits at one and a young dark haired human teenager sits at the other, finally the odd looking little dog stands at the prow as they row away towards Thrushmoor.

Lead by Malech the group returns to the library in Briarstone and begins researching the remaining unchewed books. Tae and Bran assist the scarred tiefling.

Meanwhile the rest of the group loot everything that isn't nailed down from the cultist stronghold on what remains of the second floor.

Yorick begins rowing the survivors of Zandalus' terror to Thrushmoor, he promises to be back in a day for the saviours of the asylum.

The following loot is recovered:

From the Den of Zandalus:

8 pouches, each containing 50 GP.

Wand of Command

an elixir of truth

scroll of summon monster III

a book title The Chain of Nights

+1 War Razor

Ring of Protection +1

Oil of magic weapon

potion of bear's endurance

potion of cure moderate wounds

potion of invisibility

Oniegrogen room:

With Zandalus's death the papers that were fluttering in the Oneirogen room still. It takes over an hour to collect them all and it will take at least 10 hours of work for someone to put them into the correct order to figure out what it does.

In the Bag Lady's room:

Bracers of Armor +2

A non-magical harrow deck, but the foreign trader is a strange veiled figure in yellow bearing an armful of rubies.

200 GP

12 bite-sized pieces of jerky

A pearl tooth worth 18gp