Chaos Unleashed

Mission Briefing, Argent Knights

1st Mission Argent Knights

Knights, Congratulations on your promotion from the Argent Lancers or the Argent Shield.

Your first mission will be assisting a garrison within the Chaos March. An Albion owned planet originally, it exists between the Fay nation and the Draconic Drakmoot. With the forces depleted by a thrust from Jabberwock's main forces the planet is lightly garrisoned and has been plagued by pirates of the Cerulean Suns.

You are being sent to man a military station, engage in patrols, and to protect the base and its weapon stockpile. The tour will last two standard galactic months before being relieved by other elements.

Resupply for weapons is easy to come by and is included in the contract. As such ammunition will be plentiful along with any repairs to your mechs.