Clovis Bonestyle

Magic Bone Weirdo


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Player: David Boren
Class: Oracle 3
Deity: N/A
Homeland: Sothis
Campaign: Chaos In Ultionem
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 135
Hair: None
Eyes: Grey


Clovis was born to a professor and a hairdresser in Sothis. Growing up in a life of relative privilege, young Clovis would spend long stretches of time alone in the library reading on many subjects while his parents were working. Of all the topics he explored, one in particular stood out. Clovis became obsessed with paleontology and BONES. Clovis unwittingly embarked on a life-changing course.

Janice Bonestyle, Clovis’s mother, came into contact with many colorful people in her profession, and much to Clovis’s delight, one of these characters happened to be a gravekeeper. A 13 year-old Clovis’s fascination with the dead, mixed with a youthful capacity to endlessly annoy eventually landed him a VIP tour at one of Sothis’ premier cemeteries.

Clovis was just beginning to take shape into his natural adult physique, which could best be described as “rickety ghoul.” As he strolled through the graveyard, towering over the burial plots, something caught his gait short, sending him wildly flailing forward. Clovis crashed right into a gravestone, knocking it on its side and splitting it down the middle. He eventually got to his feet and, wincing, brushed off the dust and dirt from his clothes. He reached down to rescue his satchel from the sod, and the moment he got a firm grip on it, it catapulted off, landing a few feet away, as if somebody yanked it away with a string. Clovis didn’t realize it yet, but he had just adopted a ghost, and as he would come to find out, he adopted a bit more as well. Clovis returned home and continued his normal life, but would eventually come to learn that he had not only picked up a mischievous spirit, but also an affinity for magic.

Clovis eventually would grow weary of learning from books and museums, and opt for a bit more “hands-on” experience. What lies ahead for Bonestyle as he treks forth with this raggedy group of adventurers? wHo kNoWs?!?!

Clovis Bonestyle

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