Edmund Gaultier


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Player: Evan Hergert
Class: Warpriest 3
Deity: Veiloaria
Homeland: Ustalav
Campaign: Strange Aeons
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


In 4697 AR, Edmund Gaultier was born in Last Wall to unknown parents, being raised exclusively in a foster home. Edmund was the kid everyone picked on; he was thought of as weak and quiet, and never really fitting in. In fact, because of this, the only thing he was good at was staring at the floor, gently moping around as to not attract any attention to himself in order to get through most days. In the city he was in, people were more concerned about threats from outside the city, and did not care for any of the squalor inside.

In 4713, at the age of 16, Edmund decided that his time at the foster home was not where he wanted to remain, and decided to leave on a rainy night; he was sure no one would miss him even if he walked out in the middle of the day through the front doors anyway. However, the streets of Last Wall at night are a dangerous place. He found himself cornered by two thieves, and game him a choice: his money, or his life. Knowing he had no money, he did the only thing he was used to doing: look at the ground and pray to whatever god would save his sorry soul. While getting mercilessly beaten, something inside Edmund snapped. The next thing he knew, he had a bloodied knife in his hand, and two dead bodies in front of him. He dropped the knife, and walked away sobbing.

The town guard had arrested Edmund, and he spent about a week in prison for committing what the town guard thought of as a murder. After a bit of investigating, the guard dropped the charges, seeing that he was only trying to protect his life. The guards’ attitude towards Edmund had changed from suspicious to intrigue. Perhaps by luck or possibly by skill, Edmund fended off two attackers. Whatever was the case, seeing that he had nowhere to go, they asked for him to enlist, and he did.

Edmund attributes all of his success to the deity he prays to. Ever since he found his way in this twisted life, Veiloaria, he feels, has guided his aim, and steadied his heart. As he began to pray to her every day before and after work, he felt a bond grow within him, and before long, he had the ability to heal his comrades with his hands.

Just as life had begun to look in the right direction for Edmund, disaster was not far behind him. He was asked to accompany a team of Last Wall’s prized fighters and wizards to recover a mystical stone from far underneath the city. Edmund was bursting at the seams with excitement, as no one had looked to him in this manner before. The stone underneath Last Wall was called The Unerring Eye. It, to his knowledge, had the ability to see people as they truly are, and also was rumored to have the ability to allow the holder to see how a person would die in its twisted coal eyes. After fighting with many undead revenants of a time long gone, something happened. People in the company were beginning to lose their minds, as if addled by a twisted spirit. One by one they fell, and were left behind in a delirious state. Edmund kept praying to his deity as he was walking back towards the surface, praying to not lose everything he had worked so hard for in the past couple of years. The wind seemingly swept under his feet with each grueling step, as if to push him along faster, but time was not on his side. He began to see manifestations that would not seem possible in any book that he had ever read. He slumped to the ground, gasping for reality and clawing at the dirt when he lost consciousness…

Edmund Gaultier

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