The Misplaced Naturalist


STR 16 HP 43
DEX 12 AC 18
CON 16 CMB 6
INT 12 CMD 17
WIS 14


5’10" / BLACK HAIR / 240lbs

The spawn of a very brave human man and a very aggressive Orc woman Gorruk was sent out on his own before he could remember his surroundings. The land provided for him like the parents he never had should. His only guiding light an entity he would later come to learn was known as Gozreh. This spirit presented him with a weapon and purpose, a trident, made of a metal of bluish hue and a name yet unknown to him. Growing up in the wilds lent him toward a nomadic lifestyle removed from the luxuries of modernity. His few pleasant experiences with others allowed him to garner basic knowledge to live among other members in society when need be. Gozreh spoke to him one day in silent words and he found himself in a plane not his own. Spurred on to know why his guiding spirit would send him there Gorruk ventures forth with the symbol and weapon of the true land in hand.


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