Ma'dran, the Green Dragon

The Mhor-jo'khaj Lives On


Alignment: Lawful Evil
Player: Ben Alford
Class: Samurai (Sword Saint) 12
Deity: N/A
Homeland: Katapesh
Campaign: Chaos In Ultionem, Legacy of Fire
Race: Catfolk
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 64
Height: 6’0
Weight: 160
Hair: Sand Brown
Eyes: Amber


The catfolk Ma’dran was born in the year 4687 AR from the union of two lovers, Ahkari and Zaynabi, natives of the region of Katapesh. The wandering ronin Ahkari would first encounter his mate Zaynabi in the city of Katapesh, capital of the region holding the same name. There is very little information regarding Ahkari before his rise to infamy, but his actions as the “Mhor-jo’khaj,” or “Demon of the Desert,” are known by many. From the few individuals that claim to have known Ahkari personally, historians know that his personality was described as being “volatile” and “without restraint.” A man with little honor, Ahkari was a gambler and abuser of many illicit substances. A truly wild spirit, Ahkari came and went as he pleased and usually left a path of destruction in his wake. He held no respect for those that would stand in his way, and would openly engage those that would stand against him in single combat, always to the death. These murders, thinly veiled as “duels,” eventually drew the attention of influential parties that would place multiple bounties for Ahkari’s death. While Ahkari was undisciplined in all other aspects of his life, he took to his training as a warrior with unparalleled focus. These assassins and mercenaries would be slain as well, and Ahkari’s infamy and associated bounties would grow each time. He would soon develop the reputation of being unbeatable in combat, and was eventually given the title “Demon of the Desert.” His actions as the Mhor-jo’khaj aside, Ahkari was also well-known for his piercing green eyes and his signature weapon, The Green Dragon, a masterwork katana with a hilt carved from jade into the shape of a dragon.

There is little to say of Ahkari’s wife, Zaynabi. A commoner in every sense of the word, city records state she was born in the city of Katapesh and lived there for the majority of her life. Barely considered a citizen, Zaynabi’s parents sold themselves to a merchant lord in exchange for the food and shelter he would provide for their servitude. While their servitude was offered voluntarily, they were considered slaves by their lord and were treated as such. Unable to leave his service or improve their situation, it is assumed they took comfort in each other’s love and that this would lead to Zaynabi’s birth. Born shackled in the metaphorical chains of slavery, Zaynabi’s life was no more easy than her parents’. Despite being a mere child, their lord took no restraint with her and she began training as a housemaid as soon as she was able to walk and speak. As the years passed, Zaynabi’s life would take a dark turn as their lord’s business dwindled along with his coffers. To make ends meet, Zaynabi’s parents were sold on the market to an unknown buyer. Heartbroken and still a young girl at the time, she would be forced to shoulder her own slave responsibilities as well as her parents. Including her increasing workload, Zaynabi would be forced to deal with her lord releasing his frustrations about his situation upon her both physically and sexually, sometimes at the same time. She would endure this meager existence for several more years before meeting Ahkari.

Some of these next few details can only be inferred upon by eyewitness accounts, but it is said that Ahkari arrived in Katapesh at some point and encountered Zaynabi retrieving ingredients from a grocer for her lord. Having never encountered another catfolk before outside of personal family, Ahkari loudly and dramatically professed his affection for her. True to his rambunctious nature, he demanded loudly that she become his. Unsure of how to respond, she shunned his advances and returned to her lord’s manor. Not used to being denied anything, Ahkari reportedly destroyed the grocer’s stall and followed her afterwards. Upon arriving at the manor, guards attempted to turn Ahkari away. He immediately cut them down and proceeded to make his way through the manor grounds like a whirlwind of chaos and destruction. Coordinating their efforts, the lord and his guards attempted to rally and bring him down with sheer force of numbers. Ahkari turned his wrath upon them as well, and slew the lord and his remaining guards. With the lord dead and no heir to survive him, all of his business prospects were liquidated with the exception of Zaynabi, who Ahkari stole for himself. This event was the last reported incident of destruction caused by the Demon of the Desert. They both disappeared from the city, and were not seen or heard from again until many years later.

A catfolk couple would later appear in the village of Kelmarane and purchase a home together. Their identities were never confirmed, but physical descriptions matched those of Ahkari and Zaynabi. It is believed they took on pseudonyms to live a simple life in anonymity. They birthed a child together and lived within Kelmarane for a few years, before fleeing the village under mysterious circumstances. The mother and her son became residents of Katapesh, but the father’s presence was noted as absent. Whatever happened to the man suspected to be Ahkari has never been made clear. The woman died several years later from illness, and the child ventured out into the desert alone with a jade sword wrapped across his back.

The circumstances leading to this union and the child’s future would later be recorded by historians as “The Legend of the Green Dragon.”

Ma’dran’s hand was later eaten by a pyramid.

Ma'dran, the Green Dragon

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