Mikhail the Phoenix

Fallen Osiriani Pathfinder


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Player: Daryush Mir
Class: Admixture 12
Deity: N/A
Homeland: Rahadoum
Campaign: Chaos In Ultionem, Legacy of Fire
Race: Ifrit
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 66
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 190
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown


The people of Varisia are colorful and vibrant, their history long and poetic. Mikhail’s family was no different, traveling from place to place as most vagrant Varisians do. At an early age, Mikhail was exposed to all types and kinds of different cultures across Golarion, so that his developing mind was enriched with a broad spectrum of what life has to offer. But none were as eye-opening as his trip to Absalom in 4676 AR.

The City at the Center of the World was certainly a sight to behold for young 8 year old Mikhail, and the Pathfinder Society captivated his imagination. Stories of the daring adventures of famous Pathfinders and their astounding explorations of ancient ruins and sites enthralled him to no end. It was there that he ran into one of the more well-known members of the Society, Gham Banni. Upon taking a look at Mikhail, Gham knew there was something special about the boy. Mikhail’s human parents were certainly surprised when their only son was born as a fire-touched human, an Ifrit. Gham saw that Mikhail had potential, and took a few moments to indulge the child’s curiosities. Before leaving, he told Mikhail that if he ever aspired to become a Pathfinder in the future, he would have to work hard and make the commitment when he was old enough. Excited to join the heroes he admired, Mikhail would never forget these words.

Mikhail spent the rest of his childhood living in Azir, the capital of Rahadoum, his family finally deciding to settle down in a place with some semblance of stability. As he got older, Mikhail became more invested in arcane and historical research. Hearing stories about how one of their ancestors made a pact with an extraplanar outsider, he was determined to discover what exactly happened in his family’s past. Maybe such knowledge would give him some insight as to why he was different. One fateful day in 4790 AR, Mikhail realized his destiny when Channa Ti arrived at his family’s home in Azir, a response to his recent inquiry to join the Pathfinders. Channa was here on behalf of her boss, Gham Banni, now a prestigious venture captain. Should he accept, Mikhail would be tasked with a mission: to prove his loyalty and capability to the Society by exploring the ruins of Kelmarane in the far eastern country of Katapesh and uncovering what happened to the city.

Finally able to pursue his dreams, Mikhail eagerly accepted the offer, and Channa bequeathed unto him a wayfinder – a sign of passage for initiates of the Pathfinder Society. Mikhail packed his things, said goodbye to his family, and began his journey towards the east. He heard myths of a genie war that ravaged the mountains of Katapesh long ago. Perhaps in these lands, Mikhail would also find the bloodborne answers he sought.

Mikhail the Phoenix

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