Quintessa "Quinn" Meriwether

Gentlewoman Taldan Explorer


Alignment: Lawful Good
Player: Gabe
Class: in spades
Deity: Abadar
Homeland: Oppara, Taldor
Campaign: Chaos in Ultionem
Race: Human (Taldan)
Size: Medium
Gender: F
Age: 27
Height: 4’7"
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: Black, with blue/teal highlights
Eyes: Blue


Quinn is human, with light skin and dark hair. She usually dresses very finely (but appropriately) and has an air of elegance about her even when out in the deserts and covered in dust. Despite being generally good-natured, She seems to look down her nose at nearly everything, which is a bit of a feat considering she’s really rather short.

Unusually for a child of a noble Taldan house, she seems to have little patience for politics, or at least political shitfuckery. She’ll happily tell you all about the endless machinations of the Taldan aristocracy and how unbelievably inane it all is. She has a particular excitement about the old Taldan ‘Armies of Exploration’, and it’s clear she sees herself as some sort of gentlewoman explorer in the same vein as those historic figures. She’ll happily tell you she’s trying to work her way down to Alkenstar (where her treasured firearm was originally built), but that she’s in no particular rush and very happily willing to see where her adventures in these savage, uncivilized lands take her.

Quinn contracted Remy Durant as a guide and travelling companion after arriving in Sothis, and they met up with the rest of the Chaos in Ultionem crew after a rather unfortunate incident involving some bandits.

She named her horse Grand Prince Stavian, and has been dying for someone to ask her why for days now.

Quinn inherited her Official Pathfinder Wayfinder™ from Mikhail – it is clearly vintage and it’s brass body has a fine mahogany trim, and she is quite visibly pleased with it.

Quintessa "Quinn" Meriwether

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