Samn Warchester

Tiefling Wizard


Alignment: Neutral Evil
Player: Michael Vickers
Class: Wizard 3
Deity: N/A
Homeland: Cheliax
Campaign: Strange Aeons
Race: Tiefling
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Dark Blue


Samn’s mother, Marie, was found to have been impregnated by a fiend after many failed attempts at conceiving a child; she died giving birth to him. His father, Jorn, vowed retribution on all things otherworldly, but couldn’t bring himself to rid the world of the last thing his wife produced. He knew that the world would reject Samn as the teifling he was, but hoped to channel his energies into a force for good, if only to account for his wife’s untimely death. To that end, once they were old enough, Jorn took Deam and his younger (half) brother Samn under his wing and trained them in ways to survive and hunt creatures who threatened Golarion.

By a very young age, Samn knew he was different; hated by most as some harbinger of accursed times to come. He was used to it by the time his father had passed away nearly a decade later – It was the ‘family business’. He and Deam had formed a strong bond of brotherhood throughout the time they had spent thus far. By the age of 13, his quick reflexes and sharp intellect (which had kept him alive in more situations that he could remember) had drawn him to one object in his father’s belongings: a spell-book, recovered in one of their raids. The vast majority was written in code, but Samn always had a Methodical Mind for these types of puzzles. Around this same time Deam, who was 18 and more of a fighter, took off on his own to the northern regions, determined to follow in his father’s wishes and fight against the ever growing threat near Mendev. Samn was focused on unlocking his inner potential in magic, and opted to part ways in favor of researching quietly and undisturbed.

He made his living in the scholarly arts of magic, drawing himself more towards Abjuration as a means to support his brother on the promise that they meet again later in life, more seasoned in the crusade against the forces that would seek to wreak havoc on the material plane.

Samn Warchester

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