Theron Caligari

The Plagued Scourge


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Player: Evan Hergert
Class: Antipaladin 7
Campaign: Nightmare of Nidal
Size: Medium
Gender: Male


Being a consequence of unholy passion, Theron was born a dhampir in 4671 AR deep within the Menador Mountains. As a young boy, Theron grew to hate humanity because of his hatred for his mother, and longed for a life with his father, whom he did not know, nor has he ever seen. The hatred he harbored for his mother manifested into violence when The Bellatorum Umbrae conscripted him to be a squire. His first task as a squire was to kill her with his bare hands, which he was more than willing to do.

“Look into my eyes, mother, and know death.” – Theron Caligari

As Theron grew into a young adult, he became a beacon of disease and corruption. Under the guidance of the Bellatorum Umbrae, he trained as an anti-paladin, and became stronger with each passing day. Theron hoped that one day he could become as powerful as his full-blooded vampire father who, no doubt, could make legions of men fall to their knees with a whim.

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Theron Caligari

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