Vanhi Havilah

Desert Druid, Turtle Food


Alignment: Neutral Evil
Player: Alex Hudson
Class: Druid 5
Deity: N/A
Homeland: Katapesh
Campaign: Legacy of Fire
Race: Oread
Size: Medium
Gender: Male


Vanhi was born to a tribe of nomadic desert folk. Living from the backs of camels and from the milk of the goat. They made their way from oasis to oasis living in a delicate balance with nature. Vanhi was born to the tribal elder, a human mother and father. Never having seen an oread before, the tribe saw his birth as a good omen and blessing of the desert. Vanhi was born the color of sand with symmetrical rocky growths out lining his body and a unique diamond like growth that grew just above his stoney brow.
As Vanhi grew he dressed in the typical trappings of his people. Completely covered in leather wraps from head to toe. From a young age it was evident that he had talent in the ways of reading the shifting sands; an art his tribe valued as sacred called the et’Thon Kahl’ah or simply translated to Dune Reading in common. As the tribes newest Thon Kahl, it was clear he was a prodigy of unprecedented skill. As a Dune Reader he led his tribe from oasis to oasis even charting out new unfound grottos of life.

Unfortunately no matter how predictably the sands shifted beneath his feet , he could do nothing in the way of reading the inner workings of man. On a fateful day in an exceptionally dry season. Vanhi and his tribe were enroute to an oasis that he had discovered the previous year. It was a remote place far off the regular migration routes but it was well worth the trek. Upon reaching the grotto they were greeted with an abomination instead of the sweet succor of natures bounty.

The once crystal clear water had been defiled, the fertile womb of the oasis made barren. The oasis had been of a rare breed, hidden through a cave at the back of a deep crescent canyon. The waters had sprang cool and clean, the valley fed by a small river had grown an abundant vining melon fruit that vanhi had been particularly fond of. However, all that resided there now were the burnt husks of foliage and crude pentagrams scrawled into the burnt clay. In the center of which were the mummified head of goats which had been unceremoniously ripped from their bodies. The water which had poured rich from the depths of the earth ran yellow and sulfuric, bubbling hot and stinking.
His tribe, weakened and starving left the grotto and were soon besieged by the ravaging cultists who had destroyed their haven. Many were killed and the others taken captive as sacrificial offerings and slaves.
The marauders turned out to be adherents of Baphomet, who called themselves simply : The Elect. The evils he witnessed during his captivity broke him and irrevocably changed him. The Elect traveled from Oasis to Oasis corrupting and destroying the natural order with their blasphemy. This continued until one fateful evening when they were commencing the ritual with Vanhi strapped to the altar as sacrifice, tranquilized by some sort of administered drug.

The Elect had stopped at a not particularly well known but incredibly lush and verdant oasis, it was as the blade was coming down that the attack occurred. Mighty pythons, hundreds of them descended upon the cultists, ripping their frail bodies to shreds and consuming them unlike any constrictor he had ever seen. When the blood bath was over, an extra large python hovered over him and descended onto his chest. It’s large scaled body weighed heavily upon him and Vanhi figured it was his turn; but as the large horned snake gazed into his eyes there was a kinship there.

As night descended on the oasis the drugs haze lifted from Vanhi’s mind. With a thought, he created a spark and burned away his bonds. Over the next several days he wandered the Oasis snakes coiling around him and following him through the lush foliage. He bonded with the large horned constrictor and named him Kahl. He saw no more from the Cult, the main group having left the Oasis after losing their priests. Vanhi swore then to find the power he needed to lift the taint from the Oasis, and to destroy any and all followers of Baphomet.

Vanhi was later eaten by a turtle.

Vanhi Havilah

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