Ventuk Worgrunner

Paralictor of the Scourge, Scion of Westcrown


Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Player: Alex Hudson
Class: Fighter 5 Hellknight 8
Deity: N/A
Homeland: Cheliax
Campaign: Council of Thieves
Race: Hobgoblin
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5’10
Weight: 280
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Yellow


Strict obedience and discipline defined Ventuk Worgrunner’s brief and violent child hood. Being born to the Warlord of the Worgrunner Tribe held no privilege and no cast advantage. If anything, he was held to a much higher set of expectations to increase the chances that his father’s bloodline would remain dominant. Though Ventuk thrived in the harsh environment and saw discipline as the true path to enlightenment he was not of his fellows.

Slavery, which was common-place in his tribe, never sat well with Ventuk; especially the enslavement of other Goblinoids. Ventuk saw the enslavement of their smaller kin as a weakness, Goblins could be raised to the same standard of discipline that a Hobgoblin could be. Small and agile, Ventuk recognized their strength as scouts and spies. Often, Ventuk would find his way down to the Goblin pens under the guise of a taskmaster punishing the inept servants when in reality he brought extra food and water.

Ventuk had few friends growing up, but friends were a dangerous commodity to have, the posturing and backstabbing was all to prevalent to allow for true friendships. Instead, Ventuk would often confide in his blood sister Eshmera and his mentor the old Bugbear Moghnom. Eshmera was a Marksman from birth, her skill with the longbow set her away from the other common females who would become breeders. Ventuk and his sister were quite close, and having no chance for advancement within the patriarchy she found herself content to help strengthen her brothers skills. Which turned Ventuk into a formidable marksman himself.

But Ventuk knew his true strength, which he learned from Moghnom. Ventuk was not an incredibly tall Hobgoblin, he stood at average height but was a hardy fellow. Thick of chest and wide of shoulder Ventuk was a wall of flesh and Moghnom knew with the right training Ventuk would be near untouchable. And it would be so proven the night Ventuk was exiled from the clan.

Several days after turning of age, Ventuk sat in the mess hall next to his father and sister. When a Goblin who Ventuk was considerably friendly with entered carrying his father and his food for the evening. Everything was going fine until that Goblin tripped and spilled the food all over the Warlord. Ventuk nearly laughed aloud but maintained his composure until his father told him to kill the Goblin. Ventuk refused without a second thought bringing a stunned silence through the entire mess.

But his father’s reaction was explosive. Splitting the Goblins face with his trident Ventuk stood just in time to avert his father’s stab which would have pierced his skull just as easily. They fought then, Ventuk and Warlord circling, Ventuk unarmed and unarmored but his father could not penetrate his guard. Ventuk stayed in close, each stab of his father’s weapon being diverted with a slap of his hand. The fight went on for maybe five minutes but it felt like an hour. The tribe not daring to interfere, they knew the tribe’s future would be decided right there and then.

With ever thrust the Warlord made against the young hobgoblin he became more and more enraged. His offensive was furious and brutal but sloppy. Ventuk begin landing punch after punch as he created openings in his fathers guard. Until with one powerful hook he sent the Warlord tumbling to the ground weapon flying from hand. Looking quickly around Eshmera threw him a javelin which he caught and lowered to his father’s throat just before he could pick up his trident.

The Warlord goaded him then, but Ventuk refused to kill him. Instead, he bent down and took the Warlords trident and walked away from the furious screams of his father. Not a soul pursued him despite a multitude of threats and orders from the Warlord and with a last look to his sister Ventuk left the warren and the chaos behind.

Ventuk Worgrunner

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