Argent bastion

The Super-Dreadnought home of the Argent Knights.


Titanic dreadnought

Speed 4; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 7); Drift 1

AC 33; TL 24

HP 1000; DT 15; CT 130

Shields Heavy 360 (forward 90, port 90, starboard 90, aft 90)

Attack (Forward) particle beam cannon (3d4×10), persistent particle beam cannon (2d10×10), heavy laser cannon (4d8), heavy antimatter missile launcher (10d10)

Attack (Port) superlaser (2d4×10), heavy torpedo launcher (5d8), maser (6d10)

Attack (Starboard) superlaser (2d4×10), heavy torpedo launcher (5d8)

Attack (Turret) linked coilguns (8d4), chain cannon (6d4)

Power Core(s) Gateway Ultra (500 PCU), Gateway Ultra (500 PCU); Gateway Ultra (500 PCU)

Drift Engine Signal Basic;

Systems advanced medium-range sensors, crew quarters (common), crew quarters (good), crew quarters (luxurious) mk 15 armor, mk 10 defences, mk 5 mononode computer (tier 10), data net;

Expansion Bays hangar bay (3), guest quarters (good), guest quarters (luxurious) medical bay, tech workshop, synthesis bay, brig, hydroponic garden, escape pods, life boats, cargo hold (4), arcane laboratory, sealed environment chamber, recreation suite (trivid den), recreation suite (gym), recreation suite (hac), training facility (Land), training facility (Space/sea), market,

Modifiers +5 any one check per round, +4 Computers; Complement 1068

Captain (plus 300 officers) Diplomacy +28 (16 ranks), Engineering +28 (16 ranks), gunnery +28, Intimidate +33 (16 ranks), Piloting +28 (16 ranks)

Engineer (5 officers, 45 crew each) Engineering +28 (16 ranks)

Gunner (10 officers, 25 crew each) gunnery +33

Pilot (4 officers, 12 crew each) Piloting +28 (16 ranks)

Science Officer (25 officers, 8 crew each) Computers +32 (16 ranks)

Argent bastion

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