Black Watch Campaign

Centuries ago the Orcs of the black wastes rampaged into Kethnecia's Norhtern Marches. They burned farms sacked cities and laid waste to the kingdom. Kethnecia responded with armies and a series of battles over years had the human forces pushed further and further back while the kingdom was bled dry by the seemingly numberless hordes.

Eventually the northern reaches of the kingdom were smashed and desolate and the horde marched on the capital. To reach Kethnecia they had to pass through the Dragon Spine Mountain Range. A human Lord gathered what remained of Kethnecia's forces, heroes, peasant, and soldier alike and met them in the one pass that would allow any army through. Outnumbered and ill trained the human forces held the orcs and broke the horde.

A fortress known as Black Watch was constructed in the pass and has served several times to turn back Orc and other demi-human armies that have tried to claim the lands of Kethnecia. Now a new horde has arisen in the Black Wastes and marches for Kethnecia.

Our heroes have made their way to the fortress each with their own reasons and purposes to stand on the mighty walls and turn back the beasts.

Black Watch Campaign

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