Argent Knights

The Argent Knights are a noble mercenary company. They are massive consisting of thousands of soldiers, hundreds of mechs, and a small fleet of starships.

The Knights deploy from their mobile Super-Dreadnought, The Argent Bastion.

Tenets of the Argent

The knights have several tenets to their contracts:

  1. They will not fire upon non-combatants.
  2. They will not engage in policing or occupation of conquered worlds.
  3. They must be given a noble reason to accept a contract.


The Argent Knights have three divisions:

The Shield: Infantry and Tanks regiments.

The Sword: Elite Mechanoids teams.

The Lance: Air and Space Fighter wings.

Other notes

Argent High Command

History of the Argent

Individuals of Note

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Argent Knights

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