Argent Shield

The shield are the Argent Knight's conventional troops and make up the bulk of their forces.

While not nearly as powerful as the power Mechs ridden by the Sword, they provide support, anti-infantry, and a staying role that would be infeasible using Mechs. 

They are divided into three divisions:

Infantry: Foot Soldiers and support troops, a wide variety of roles from Sapper to Commando and Soldier to Engineer.

Mechanized Infantry: These soldiers are equipped with Power Armour, ride assault skimmers, or are jump infantry.

Armour: While not as powerful as their Sword counterparts the squires ride into battle in a wide variety of tanks and assault craft.

Those within the Shield are addressed as "Squire" with the exception of those who attained the rank of knights, these are addressed as "Castellan".

Argent Shield

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