EoL: Trasnscript

April 22nd, 15:32.

Foundation monitored line at Site fPersigoldf

Ketes: Freddie, is that you?

Drist: Katy Ketes, I was hoping you'd call me.

Ketes: Listen Freddie, I ran into Shannon and she said you sold her something that made her feel like a million bucks, so much so that her boyfriend was putty in her hands.

Drist: Katy, Katy, Katy-Cat. You don't mind if I call you Katy-Cat now do ya? What I have here is a 'genuine' miracle.

Ketes: Tell me more.

Drist: Well, I have this formula by this crazy broad, it's magic, literal and I do mean literal magic. She has a place in the upper east side they're making it. Any woman that puts it on becomes living sex to men. They can't resist it.

Ketes: I just haven't felt right since Brian left.

Drist: Aww there now Katy-cat, tell you what, for $700 you can have one of my vials. It's a new line that the H-witch just cooked up. Never even been out of her studio. I'll give it to you.

Ketes: $400…for a vial of perfume?

Drist: Well tell you what dame. I'm feeling generous, how about this. As I'm such a trusting fela, I'll sell it to you for $350 cash deposit. If it doesn't work you don't owe me anything, if it does I'll meet up with you and collect the other $700.

Ketes: Deal. I'll pick it up tonight behind the store on my way home from work.

EoL: Trasnscript

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