Fire Team 6 Campaign Page

The world is an interesting place.

It is full of joy and merriment, people go about their day to day lives with not a care in the world.

Yet there are those who would take that joy from the innocent.

But there are also those who fight, those who struggle, those who protect their fellow man.

A private security Company, Ogham Securities, provides support and a sense of comfort in an otherwise dangerous world.

You have been approached for your own unique skills which the company values and have been invited to interview.

The year is 2026 and little is different from our current world, a few new roads exist, towns have grown, and the same coke and pepsi parties control America.

All characters must be located within driving distance of Downtown Dallas be it owning a house, renting an apartment, living in a van down by Trinity River, or having property elsewhere and staying at a friend's place or a hotel.

FTS Character Creation

Programs needed:

  • Team Speak 3
  • Fantasy Grounds Unity Demo (If you want to buy a license you are welcome to, but the free version is all you need)
  • Syrinscape Online Player (For Audio Effects)

Finally, for Fire Team Six, the game includes many horror themed elements. I am asking any player that wishes to, please fill out the attached form, either or both may be filled out.

Consent & AR Checklist

Fire Team 6 Campaign Page

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