FTS Character Creation

Fire Team Six is played using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

To play with the character creation, this is a good site that will guide you through.
Setting Notes
Races: Human Only
AB: No arcane backgrounds
Powers: No powers

1st step: Come up with a concept for your character, contact your GM if you need help with this. Your character is relatively new, but slightly above average. A few examples:

  • You are a hotshot graduate scientist out of university. Interesting ideas, but not much actual knowledge, but not the head researcher for a huge corporation.
  • You were/are a soldier (Private or Corporal) with a tour of duty under your belt or a lieutenant, but not an elite special forces operator with 20 tours of duty and the highest sniper kill count in history.
  • A new doctor or surgeon¬†who has finished their residency, but not the dean of medicine for Princeton.
  • A scholar in Occult lore who has published a paper or two, but not the keeper of a massive library.
  • An actor or actress who was a costar on a daytime series, but not an A-list movie star.
  • etc.

2nd step: Select Human as your race. Normally there are other options, but this is the "real world".

3rd Step: Choose Hindrances, you can take up to 4 points of Hindrances, Major Hindrances are worth 2, minor are worth 1, so you can take up to 4 minor, up to 2 major, or a combination. You can take 0, but hindrances help define a character and give bonus points for creation.

You can spend 2 points to raise an attribute or get an edge or 1 point to gain a skill point or gain an additional 200% starting funds.

4th Step: Choose Traits

Attributes: You start with a d4 in the 5 attributes, you get 5 points to spend, each point increases your attribute by one dice step up to d12. (I.e. 1 point in agility will have you rolling a d6 instead of a d4)

Skills: Everyone starts with the five innate skills they need to function at d4, all other skills start untrained, All other skills you must spend 1 point to start at d4 and then you can raise them as normal. The exception is that if your skill goes over its relative attribute, then you must spend 2 skill points. No skill can be increased above d12 during character creation. Ex: You have a D6 in agility and want to drive cars, 1 point will get you a d4, 2 points will get you to d6 but now you have tied your attribute so you need to spend 2 points to increase it to d8.

Derived Stats: These are the stats such as movement speed, toughness, etc that will get calculated from your attributes and skills.

5th Step: Choose your edges, these are what will define your character. Three individuals could be soldiers with the exact same attributes and skills, but the edges will define how they play. One solider could be a lieutenant focusing on leadership edges, the other could be a combat edge specialist, and the third might focus on skills giving a team an officer, rifleman, and combat engineer.

6th Step: Starting Gear. Each player will start with $500. This is for your "adventuring" gear and should be spent on what a character will take with them on missions. Based on your background, character concept, and other items each player will also select:

Home type (trailer, apartment, house) and location (rural, urban, suburban, trailer park, camping grounds) but the exact building and location will be set by the GM.

Clothing styles and basic belongings Wherever you live you'll have the basic appliances, belongings, and clothes that you choose so everyone can have a basic computer, oven, fridge, clothing, but if you want to have an elite gaming rig with 4 video cards and super cooling and wear the finest armani clothes, this will cost extra.

It is important to note that you will often be able to requisition items from the organization before missions. These are temporary items, getting them does not affect your wealth, but they should be returned at the end of the mission.

5th Step: Write Backstory for character. Try to include the following information.

  • Where you are from?
  • Any Family?

    • Are they alive?
    • How does your character feel towards them?
  • Any life experiences growing up that shaped you?
  • What does your character desire from life?

    • Near future?
    • Life goal?

Rewards will be given out for backstory that can be anything from a bonus bennie, extra cash, all the way up to a bonus attribute point.

FTS Character Creation

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