Last Ship Out

Adventure took place on Monday March 22nd from 7PM to 11PM CST.

The Springs of Eireian is the hot new development on Rylax, a far-flung planet with nothing else going for it. Magistrate Buto and a collection of locals and foreigners are finalizing plans for this development.

Unbeknownst to them a Swarm tendril approached the planet and is now making planetfall. The local forces are insufficient to stop them and no help is coming.

Miles away from the nearest large city and with monstrous creatures falling from the sky, those at the Springs have a matter of hours to get to the nearest planetary escape shuttle before the encirclement of the planet is complete.


Available Characters:

Balon aka “Hiss” Taken by DoylemTim: Vesk Mercenary Soldier: Hired by the Rylax Planetary Defense Force and known as Scales, the Vesk mercenary is serving a quiet term in the hinterlands of Rylax. Getting paid for watching over some bureaucrats is easy money, or at least it was until the swarm arrived.

Bluescale Taken By DavideBoren: Dragon kin Icon Envoy: Bluescale, the famous actor and bodybuilder from such holovids as “The Terminatrix” or “The Hunter”. You came out as part of a deal with Rylax and the Hot Spring Developer to lend some Starpower to the project. All you had to do was flex for the cameras, speak a few lines, and get a cool paycheck, at least until the sky darkened with swarm craft.

Drack aka “Tails”: Vlaka Colonist Soldier: Serving a mandatory stint as part of colonial duties in the Rylax PDF. You were assigned here to represent the colonists as part of the security force for this development that would bring many new jobs and lots of money to your home region. Your heart sank as in the distance you saw the swarm pods falling on your village.

Fade: Strix Outlaw Operative: It was supposed to be an easy job, you’d been hired by a rival developer to come to Rylax, scout this development, and see if you could get the deal for the incredibly valuable land for them. You had just got everything setup for your grand plan, then a swarm drop pod landed less than a mile away.

Farsight: Ryphorian Scholar Mystic: The Springs of Eireian are a sacred site that had been illegally stolen from the natural collective. You came overland to win the hearts and minds and preserve the sanctity of this holy place. A place that is being defiled by a rain of swarm creatures.

Fixer Taken by Jhontheunmortal: Android Cyberborn Mechanic: Part of an advanced construction team, you specialize in structures and structural engineering. You came in ahead of everyone and got the luxury camp setup. You were relaxing in your own hut when the alarms began to sound, and the emergency channel opened up.

Jamie: Human Corporate agent Envoy:  Jamie works for the Altered State transportation company. A master of the art of the deal and negotiations, you are on Rylax to scout a new hot spring in the Pantax Mountain range. You were so close to negotiating a deal with the county magistrate, Buto, when the swarm arrived.

Zoch aka “Stickstaken by grumpybeard: Ysoki Ace Pilot Soldier: Responsible for flying the transport plane that brought the group out to the Pantax Mountain Range. You had finished maintenance and shut the plane down and just closed your eyes for a nap when suddenly the alarms go off, jolting you awake.

Juleg the Hunter: Vesk Bounty Hunter Vanguard: A job is a job, you were hired to protect some bigwigs as a private enforcer, but Juleg only answers to Juleg. The swarm are just another job to you.

Sparks taken by Arsenal1080: Human Roboticist Technomancer: The mystical energy from the Springs of Eireian provide a magnificent source of power, properly acquired as part of the development could help your employers create amazing devices, you were onsite setting up a small laboratory when something cracked against your roof and the claxons go off.

Valiant: Human Solar Disciple Solarian: The Spring of Eireian collects the sun’s power, it is here that you were harnessing your abilities and powers when some local yokels showed up and threw you in a temporary stockade for what they referred to as “trespassing”. Now the alarms are sounding and the yokels are screaming.

Yartel the Just: Elf Space Pirate Operative: This isn’t what you had planned, your better than this, you deserve better than this, you are the amazing elite space pirate Yartel, what the hell is happening, why are you even here?

Game Results

Wounded but alive the individuals managed to flee the clutches of the swarm and escape Rylax, jetting into space with minutes to spare as the final transport fled the doomed planet.

Game MVP: Sticks, the Ysoki pilot for his daring escape from a massive Swarm Xersk and bringing the survivors down within sprinting distance of the spaceport.

Last Ship Out

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