Night of the Living Party

One Shot Adventure for the future (This adventure will be run at a future date).

It will be run with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Rules.

It's a hot summer in the DFW metroplex in 2022, and everyone is chilling at a LAN party for Chaos Unleashed at a home in Irving, fun is being had and the group is gathered around the table playing a board game or on their laptops when the Tornado sirens go off.

What is happening and who will make it through the Night of the Living Party?


Casey H: "Got Em", your friend Ashley invited you along and now you are drunk in the kitchen and can't remember what board game you're playing, but it's all good.

Dahlia T: This is your home and no one is going to mess with you or your friends. Come on, just try it, a southern belle and a yankee rolled into one. In a relationship with D.

Darim "D" M: Owner of the house and a chill dude. You just are there for a cool time, but are secretely a responsible person who keeps the friend group together. In a relationship with Dahlia.

Davey B: Software Engineer by day, chill bro by night. You took the week off for this LAN party and are going to have fun.

Gabriel R: You flew into town for a guy's weekend and staying over with a friend in Dallas. Your rental car is parked out front in the circle and your system is booted up for some good times. Your beard is luxurious.

Joe G: A Crazy Mofo, let's do this, doesn't matter, let's do this.

Tommy D: On leave from a stint in the navy, you're crashing here to have some fun with your friends.

Night of the Living Party

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