Search for the Nostromo: Fieldpoint

"Well ain’t this some S%$^, Weiland Yutani have lost another ship.”-Unidentified Colonial Marine

A One-shot adventure to be played at some point. The game will be an introductory campaign using the Cinematic Rules of the Alien RPG. Please note that this is a lethal setting, there is a good chance characters will die. Please make sure to download and update the demo version of Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Important notes for the Alien RPG:

1: Death is not the end of a PC's fun, when a PC dies they take over an NPC.

2: In the event of Player Vs Player Combat, the player that initiates combat loses their character and takes over a NPC.

3: Dice rolls are with a d6. They are few and far between. Each roll of a dice has a real effect on the story and characters. There are 4 attributes & 3 skills per attribute. Attributes are between 2 -5 and skills are between 0-3 and stress is between 0 and 10. Any roll of 6 is a sucess. Every additional 6 gives a bonus. A failed roll can be "pushed", any non-6's are re-rolled and the character's stress increases by 1. Each point of stress adds a die, but any rolls of 1 on stress dice cause a panic check.

4: Nerve is tracked along with Health. As your character gets more stressed, they get more dedicated and can do more, but everyone has a breaking point that can cause you to panic.

5: Each Player will have a personal goal, completing the personal goal gives a story point that can be used in a later Alien Game hosted by anyone in the group. You can store up to three story points and they can be spent at anytime after rolling die to get a success.

Mission Brief

The United States Cargo Star Ship (USCSS) Nostromo (reg. 180286), a commercial hauler carrying raw ore between Thedus in the outer rim territories has disappeared. 

Your vessel the Rapid Response Automated Interstellar Transport Vessel, the USS Pitalito a pinzgauer-class vessel, has been rerouted to a possible point of contact. The Ore processing and fueling station, Fieldpoint, around LV-8432.

Your Civilian team with their marine escort are instructed to board the station, find out the information you need and return to the Pitalito. The Pitalito is on an automated course so you will have to take a UD-4 “Cheyenne” Class Dropship from the hangar and dock with the station. The Transport will not adjust course. You will have four hours to board Fieldpoint and return to base, thirty minutes flight time each way provides a three-hour mission window.

After four hours the Pitalito will boost back to velocity and leave the system, anyone left aboard will have to wait until the next station change in 5 months.

Briefing from Mother

Team Roster

Colonial Marines

Lt. P.T. Diego: Officer: The new young hotshot lieutenant in charge of the Marine Fire Team, a new officer with something to prove.

Sgt. Charles “Dusty” Fischer: Colonial Marine: The most experienced soldier, grew up Hard Corps, and responsible for the team.

Cpl. Meredith “Slaps” Hargrave: Colonial Marine: Armed with a M56A2 Smart Gun and grenades, the most heavily armed member of the team with a grudge the size of an ore hauler.

Pvt. Johnny “Washout” Smith: Colonial Marine: Knows which way to point his gun and possessing a loud confidence. Armed with a M41A Pulse Rifle you are a valued member of the team and an all-rounder.

Pvt. David “Longshot” WongTaken by Arsenal1080: Colonial Marine: The squad’s tracker and recon specialist, you can move quietly, and with your MK35 Pressure suit can even survive vacuum.

Cpl. Janaspur “Doc” Khatri: Medic: Just one more year and you will be out of the service, you’ve already been accepted into medical school. It’s your job to patch up the grunts when they put holes into themselves.

WO1 Vincent “Tailspin” DonofrioTaken by Davide: Pilot: A skilled copilot of Marine Dropships and experience with computer systems you are the team’s technical expert.

WO1. D.C “Deadmeat” Hicks: Pilot: The team’s dropship pilot. This is it, your final stint, after two full terms in the corps and a lot of close calls, you’ll be able to go home to your pregnant wife just before your child’s birth. Your paperwork has been filed and you just need to complete your insurance declaration form when you get back on board to give your family full benefits.


Marshall Jamie Coppinger: Colonial Marshall: Catching a ride on a marine vessel is no one’s first choice, but after dropping Donavon Smalls into a cell you were happy to get back to your colony. Serving as a local authority on a Marine vessel is one way to do it cheaply.

Will Richter: Company Agent: You have a big promotion waiting for you if this goes well. The fast courier dropped you on the Pitalito and you know what needs to be done at Fieldpoint. Just get home safely.

Makoto Ito: Roughneck: There’s always good work for a skilled welder on colonies and stations. This is just one more way to get there, finish your stint with the corps fixing their ships and gear and you’ll be able to afford a luxury trip to a nice colony.

Jack Collins: Roughneck: You’ve got to keep moving or the bugs will find you. There’s always work and there’s always the chase. Spend too long in one location and they’ll find you. Thankfully there are more bolts to turn then there are wrenches to turn them. It wasn’t your fault the colony died, you didn’t know, maybe the next stop will let you find peace.

Dr. Avi Daher: Scientist: The ore in Thedus is rich and varied, identifying the right ore from the wrong ore will make you rich. Just do you job, do what the company says, and you can retire early. If they say follow a corporate spook and a team of jarheads onto a refinery, you do it.

Professor Sergei Ivanov: Scientist: A specialist in archeoxenology, xenobotany, xenology, and everything to do with non-earth life. Just because nothing sentient has been found out there doesn’t mean that something won’t be. The truth is out there, and you are smart enough and lucky enough to find it.

Search for the Nostromo: Fieldpoint

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