SfN:F Mother Briefing

29th of March 2123

From: Alpha Priority Override from Weyland-Yutani & Colonial Marine Command Luna.

To: USS Pitalito

Message from Mother:

USCSS Nostromo has failed to return to Earth.

*Suspected corporate piracy. *

Your team is to board Fieldpoint Station, owned by Neutrality Logistics, the station maintains a neutral status to Weyland-Yutani and competitors. This station is the most likely place the Nostromo would be brought to refuel, repair, or unload cargo for pirates and black marketeers.

Uncork Bravo Team & Civilian Support personnel.

Highspeed Flyby of Fieldpoint processing station authorized.

Parabolic arc allows a permissible mission time of 4 hours, 30 minutes in transit, 3 hours on station, and 30 minutes to return to the Pitalito. Mother is programming ship to allow course change.

Action Authorized by Colonial Marine Command

Hazard pay authorized

Search and Recovery Authorized

5% Salvage Pay Authorized

Estimated value of Nostromo recovery: 500,000 credits per team member.

Rules of Engagement:

1: Live Fire is not authorized except in response to live fire.

2: Marines may in the event of coming under fire return fire

3: Damage to station is not permitted

Addendum: If Nostromo crew or Weyland-Yutani personnel are onboard the station shall become property of Weyland-Yutani through violation of neutral services and contraband contract addendum 1432-342D. Lethal force is immediately authorized against all pirates in this circumstance to secure Weyland-Yutani property.

SfN:F Mother Briefing

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