Strange Aeons

Mindless and without memory you are pursued through streets coated in a yellow fog.

Through the nightmare asylum did you slog.

By day fighting horrors while surrounded by the yellow miasmic smog.

At night in your dreams, hunted like a dog.

With Zandalus gone, the Oniergons slain, and the Tatterman dead.

The nightmarish mists have finally fled.

Yet your memories are still missing and you are filled with a sense of dread.

Your pursuit continues driving you ahead.

The cult did lurk, the cult did writhe

The cult hid before Thrushmoor's very eyes.

In caves black did the druid dwell.

Defeated by sword and fist, staff and spell

Upon the path they trod themselves

Through fortress halls lost to men

Smote the claws that grasped in greed

Hearts in bond they found and freed

From out the Darkness hard to light

Came one small band of growing might

Beneath Thrushmoor's lands did one small band

Face horrid skum and monstrous man

Broke the chains of the night

Ended Melisandra's growing plight

The journey yet still unfurls

Upon the sea where water swirls

Documents Discovered


Strange Aeons

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