The Essence of Life

One Shot Adventure for the future (This adventure will be run at a future date).

It will be run with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Rules

Mission Details

A scumbag by the name of Fredrick Drist has been poisoning women. He gained access to a perfume that was bottled as La Fatale Femme, the perfume appears to have the ability to make a woman almost irresistible to men. The five recovered vials had horrifying consequences to their users, the women were found drained of their vital essence. One was a foundation agent. Two were located by Chicago PD. The other two were found by Foundation agents once we knew what we were looking for.

Mr. Drist must be captured by your field team and and interrogated. We have reason to suspect that a large shipment, over 400 bottles of this substance is going to be shipped out of Chicago tonight.

Agents your mission is simple,

  1. Detain Mr. Drist before the police put him into custody.
  2. Determine the location of the perfume factory from Mr. Drist.
  3. Devise a method of accessing the manufacturing facility.
  4. Deplete the supply of all the poison.
  5. Delete the formula from Mainframe & server.
  6. Duplicate a copy for Foundation study.
  7. Deprive the police of all evidence in the facility.
  8. Destroy the shipment before it leaves.

Good luck Agents.

-Director Gormand

Evidence & Information:

Personnel Available:

Armand: A smart and savvy individual, you recruit personnel for the foundation and also serve as a honeypot when necessary. What can you say, you just know how people tick and few can resist your suave French charms.

Bryce: A mechanical expert responsible for a field team's gear. You can acquire, repair, or modify any mechanical system to fit your purposes. It's rumoured you even repaired a vehicle engine during a high speed chase with nothing more than a wrench, oven mitts, and a paperclip.

Carter: Before joining the foundation you served as a cat burglar. One day you picked the wrong office to rob, getting into somewhere is easy, any moron with a crowbar can do that. Real style is getting in, robbing them blind, and getting out without anyone noticing.

Dr. Grace: First do no harm sounds good in theory, but some people just don't deserve saving. Gangbangers, murderers, rapists, and other scum that prey upon the week. It feels good to work with a foundation field team and really make a difference. The same skills that let you put your teammates back together also lets you keep slime alive and find out exactly what they know.

Heinrich taken: Just because you look like a shaved white gorilla in an expensive suite doesn't mean you don't have style. Being a professional strongman comes in handy, you really are a nice soul, but too many mistake you for a gentle giant. When muscle is necessary you are the man for the job.

Jackal taken: Smooth, silent, and other words that start with an S. You are the Jackal; the most feared sniper in your own mind. Skilled at remaining unseen in Urban, suburban, rural, and wilderness environments you can sit, silently talking to yourself for days as you wait for a target. Then a single pull of the trigger and it's lights out.

Karlos: Tick, Tick, Boom. A master of anything that goes bang or boom. Truly, a maestro of your profession, you are so skilled that at the age of 28 you still have 8 of your original fingers attached.

Leo: Breach and clear, breach and clear. You are the first through the door, as an urban assault specialist you are the point of the spear for the team when its time to rock and roll.

Monkey: The digital world is your playground. While not the biggest fish in the ocean, you swim beneath notice of those larger than you. Many people underestimate your abilities, but your trusty sidearm is there to handle problems IRL.

Quartermain: Whether its tracking a fugitive through the streets or hunting big game through the plains of Africa. It's all about knowing the environment, your weapons, and your prey. There is nothing you can't hunt down and kill. 

Rachel: A wizard of electronics, the navy had no idea what they were doing when they trained you. Thankfully the foundation knows exactly how and where to deploy you to best effect.

Sam: Parkour! It's not just fun, it's a way of life. From scaling buildings to leaping off high walls you can do it all. A skilled acrobat and hand to hand fighter, many people underestimate you because of your size and nature. 

DIRECTOR NOTE: Any team containing Bryce, Karlos, and Rachel are banned from access to fisibile materials. No one wants a repeat of Crimea.

The Essence of Life

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